Summer at the Beach. NYE.

The colours in the water at little Delwood beach are quite remarkable.

Delwood Beach below us

Delwood Beach below us

This is summer at it’s best. Swimming is a must when you see these colours, and for me a sketch as well. I’m pleased for people who work hard all year and only have this time as their holiday.

On a day like this you go for breakfast at a seaside cafe. You walk a little further at a leisurely pace. You wonder in amazement at ones rushing past you on a fitness mission! In this heat! Why?

You head over to the beach, in your swimmers and goggles and take a look underwater at some colourful little fishies while you float about counting your blessings.

Mmmm must be time to wander back for lunch. It’s a good hour since breakfast. Fresh bread, cheese, turkey, tomatoes with a beer. Flop outside on the sofas under the umbrella and enjoy watching the world go by. Down below people are marking out places on the grass with rugs and chairs, to see the fireworks on this night of New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve. A million or more people will crowd the city of Sydney to see the massive midnight fireworks display. I will try for a sketch, but it’s always a huge challenge. Maybe I’ll get a teeny bit of the magic. Even if just a sparkle or two.



    • Katherine

      Erin, your sketches and blogs have been wonderful and very prolific over the Christmas break. You never know I might send you a sketch … Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Katherine


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