Sketching demos – watercolour & white space

Sketch demo Federation Pt

Sketch demo Federation Pt

Fruit Still life demo

Fruit Still life demo

Usually the demo sketches stay in my sketchbook. These are 2 from a recent lesson which I thought showed my use of layers of watercolour. In other words not pre-mixed in the lid of the paint box.

These two were done as the client was sketching the same views/setups. They are done incredibly fast as I’m explaining what I’m doing as I go. Hence the loose look. Just what I want. Less is more as they say.

I love to find the overall base colour, and add the others over the top – carefully though, but quickly. Of course i do mix the jacaranda colour I love so much – remember it? Cerulean and Permanent Rose.

So for an orange I’d start with yellow, then a wash of red, and a slash of blue. For the apple, similar but more red than yellow.

For the harbour scene. Washes of blue, green over, ochre, yellow, and a little washed out ‘jacaranda’. Leave lots of white paper. You are sketching with colour, not colouring in.


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