Cafe/Sketchup at Belgrave Cartel

Colour techniques for fun

Colour techniques for fun

Still holidays but Monica was back in town, so couldn’t wait to organise a sketch and catchup.

When I arrived at 10ish or so, I wandered out to the spacious back room, off the sun lit side passage, to see at least 3 of the girls totally absorbed in their sketching already.

Belgrave Cartel is once again one of our fave meetup places to sketch. Since the renovations they’ve opened up a back room now connected by a sunny walkway and it’s just right for a group such as ourselves to be able to work together and still chat.

Monica - what's that on your finger?

Monica – what’s that on your finger?

Monica gave us a wonderful reason to get together. Back to visit her new fiance from her home in Capetown, she’s going to become an Aussie, get married and live here – not sure in what order!

It was several months back that she discovered our Sketch classes, joined for the short time she had, and became a dedicated sketcher.

Belgrade Cartel and Monica sketchup

Belgrave Cartel and Monica sketchup

We caught up with what everyone had been doing during the holidays and splashed around a bit of colour. Robbie was sitting at the end of the table in strong side lighting so there was my subject. I’m using a lot of pure paint, running wet on wet and just playing. The others were fascinated, and all this is leading to having some class days to try new techniques with our sketches.

I had my David gentleman book there too, and we talked about different materials to get new looks with colour. New ways to see the subject and so on. What a lovely time we had. Coffee and conversation, sketching and sharing.

New colour applications being tried

New colour applications being tried

Jenny was quietly sketching away when she produced this gorgeous one of Ann myself and Monica. Had no idea. Talking again as you can see. Her people sketches are a joy. I loved her bus driver sketch she’d done before the ride started. He never saw it but she dropped about 15 kilos off him to suit her sketch. Love it.

Monica, Erin and Ann

Monica, Erin and Ann. Belgrave Cartel Sketchup.


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  1. Katherine

    Great sketches again and looks like lots of fun, wish I was not at work! I’m looking forward to seeing your David Gentleman book and also the new colour techinques.


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