Happy Open Day in the Studio

It was after all Australia Day! But many interested people happily left their sausage on the BBQ to come and see us and find out about sketching classes.



Joanna was keen to have helium balloons for our festive opening. So we had a couple of bright bouquets of them inside and out.

I myself me – made apple and cinnamon muffins which people seemed happy to try! I assure you I am not known for these previously unheard of skills, but we sketchers can do anything.



There was a steady stream of interested folk all day, so much conversation, coffee and muffins was happening. They looked at sketchbooks, at photos of students and talked, and heard other people’s experiences.

Mostly people wanted to know about the different sketching options we have, and all seemed happy to take info and some to sign up.



This is something we will definitely do again.

I loved hearing people’s stories, and what sketching would mean to them. How it might make a difference in their lives, and seeing it as a few hours entirely for enjoyment and to sketch just for their own pleasure.



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