Paperbags & Windmills

Our first classes for 2013 are off to a flying start after our long summer break. So take a look at what our sketchers achieved this week, including several new people.



Some of our class are still away, so the new kids in school had my full attention.

Who would have thought that paperbags, string and scissors would be a sketch.

It meant your shapes could be a little taller or wider and it would still look like a bag.

We used watercolour pencil in layers, with a waterbrush, which everyone loves. But hold back – it can turn your sketch psychedelic if you go too far!

It was a lovely sunny day for a wander along Kangaroo Lane to  see where two windmills live.

Something of a surprise to see a water tank and outback windmill next to a Dutch style one.

Great sketch subject though and everyone captured them beautifully.

Lunch and adding colour at Foundry 53 was our reward before heading off.




Two tables were set up with string, paperbags and small items for our big Friday class.

Our new people spent time observing shapes, then putting down their first hesitant lines. The next lines were added and before long – the sketches were ready for colour.

It’s best to learn with watercolour pencils and get used to layering.

Watercolours next week.

The regular students worked quickly and had a great selection of different approaches to show and clearly hadn’t forgotten a thing over the holidays!

It looked like rain as we headed via a coffee stop to the windmills.

Thunder was rolling so it was ‘go fast’ 5 minute sketch, remember the colours and hot foot to Foundry 53 Cafe.

With lunch ordered and all settled at 2 big tables, sketching colour onto the sketches was a serious affair.

A fab collection of windmill sketches and you wouldn’t not know that 3 of these were done by first timers.

I’m very proud of the work done this week by people new to sketching.

A lot of fun and back into it after our break.




What a week for weather.

Raining,  stopped a little, no it’s raining again.

Nothing stops us from sketching.

It was paperbags and string again, and more completely different results.

We are all fascinated by the differences.

The rain seemed to stop a little as we sloshed our way along the lane looking for windmills.

Just as we arrived, down it came, but not before hoods and umbrellas were up and sketchbooks were out.

Back to Foundry 53 Cafe and a nice table we could all share, and order our coffees.

We like the food here too, so although it was busy and noisy being a wet Saturday, we happily completed our windmills and enjoyed lunch.

A really enjoyable week.

Take a look at the pics below and see if you can spot the difference!





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