L’art Sauvera le Monde

That is what it said inside the wrapper of our papillotte.


Art will save the world. Quote Platon. Who’d have thought you’d find such a truth inside a shiny chocolate wrapper.

Here we were at the first of our 5 week SKETCH & FRENCH classes in the Studio with Adeline and myself. Set up on the table is our gardenia still life surrounded by a tempting scattering of wrapped chocolate. Not to be tasted yet!

After a tea or coffee start, we began with a little sketch of the single white gardenia in a blue and white French pot. Here we could begin to use a few French/English words as we sketched and coloured, and then completed that part of the lesson.

Adeline said these were very special Christmas chocolates (Papillottes). beautifully wrapped in shiny bon bon style papers, abandoned across the table in front of us. We heard the history of the Papillotte chocolate and how the little flirtatious notes came to be inside each wrapper. We each read out from our different little quotes while tasting the various chocolates. Only at Christmas apparently, at least near Lyon where Adeline is from. Yum, c’est delicieux, génial, chouette!

So there were many discussions on the ordering of tea or coffee, of wine and food and the most important – how to ask for more chocolat!!!!

Until next week – a la semaine prochaine.

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