Mardi 19 Février: Classe de Français

It was a busy morning but Adeline had made a very special gluten-free cake for class. We started with a cute bowl and spoon, a milk pot and some apples. (Un bol et cuillère avec des pommes)


We do like to start with a tea or coffee, and today with a tasty French cake served with an apple puree. Mmmmm. Now to sketching.

A little trickier than last week as we are now introducing elipses and perspective. However I just call them round things and going away things. Nobody thinks it’s difficult then.

When Adeline’s little class sheets came out, we would do introductions and numbers. Everyone likes to say the words as Adeline does and make notes on our sketchbooks. Everything helps get those brain cells working.


Each week we’re adding more useful words to our little store house of knowledge. The sketches are becoming more confident too. We’ll be ready to travel any moment now and we certainly enjoy ourselves as we learn.


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