Pumpkins, Capsicums and Soldiers

Our still life for this week were tiny mottled pumpkins in colours of marigold and forest green. On our other table, red green and yellow capsicums (bell peppers to some of you) with asparagus and brown mushrooms.



So attractive to view and such rich colour to capture.

All versions you see above tell the story so well. Each one a personal sketch of how it looked to to them.

When we hold sketches up as progress is made, everyone delights in what they see.

So much to learn by seeing another person’s approach.

Down the hill we go in the heat. Some rode their bikes. We are about to sketch a monument. There are not many in Manly – it’s more of a village really – but Sir Arthur Roden Cutler was a Manly boy.

There on the corner of two streets and outside the school he stands. Wearing his army gear and a wide brimmed hat shading his eyes, a pair of binoculars at hand.

Quite a heart warming memorial to a very brave man who was award the VC

We walked around the corner to Manly Lodge Cafe for lunch&sketch. We took the two outdoor balconies facing a quiet street just metres from the main beach.

Venta managed a lovely one of Tom sitting opposite, so I’ve include that. Glenis chose the large sandstone plinth which notes the opening of Manly Village school in 1882 and which Sir Arthur attended.



Some bring their first coffee of the day to the Studio, and the aroma sparks us on to sketch fast and get our own.

The colours are so beautiful in the two still life setups. But don’t be tricked into forgetting your lights and darks. Pale on the outer edges, darker in the centre where they touch. We’re sketching with colour not painting it’s portrait.

Annie was trying the brush pen and really having fun.

Great colour and composition today from everybody.

Sir Arthur Roden Cutler was our next subject.

All one colour ( but is bronze really one colour?) and very contrasty. Here is where some hatching comes into it’s own. You’ll see the effect above.

Lunch was a time for completing the washes on the soldier sketch and everyone did a very good, but different sketch – each as they saw it.

We shared one corner with the cat, who stayed long enough for Annie and Diana to sketch her.

Rainy and humid, but we sketchers soldier on.
We managed some colourful sketches of the two still life setups. Some are trying out the brushpen to see how they like it.
We are all using watercolours and getting some lovely results. Yes it takes a bit to know what colours will be right. But even if the lights and darks are right the colours are less important.
Between showers we managed to sketch our brave soldier, and even get some hatching on for strong shadows.
Then as the rain began we hot footed it to Manly Lodge Cafe.
It was rather pleasant to be sitting on the balcony, the cat in residence, and ordering coffee as the rain came down outside.
Some decided to sketch the cafe interior, the cat and their lunch.
What nicer thing to be doing on a wet Saturday.








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