Milo Stars in a Murder Mystery

Well he does star on the front cover. Take a look.

Murder, al fresco, Milo on the cover

Murder, al fresco, Milo the cat on the cover

Frances Patton Statham is an American writer of ‘hard to put down’ mystery novels.

I had a request early on in the writing of ‘Murder, al fresco’ to use the sketch of Milo the cat gazing across a lily pond, towards a French provincial cottage. Of course Milo gave his permission to be a star. He’s quite a popular cat nowadays.

Off went his image and then one day there was a parcel in the letterbox. When we opened it, there was the promised copy of the newly published book, and Milo was indeed right there on the cover. Inside was a lovely ‘thank you’ dedication from the author herself.

Since then I’ve read the book and found it a gripping story. And there is mention of the French provincial cottage – but I’m not giving anything away. Oh and there are two cats involved. One would be Milo and the other his cousin.

You may also enjoy this book which would make great holiday reading. Sometimes you want an entertaining well told story which keeps you turning the next page way longer than you’d planned.

Milo is very proud to have his sketch shared with one and all.


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