New Sketch&French Starts Soon

We have just completed our Term 1 Five week course, and our next one starts on Monday April 29.

One of the class members said she loved coming and it was so nice doing something for herself, not the business.

Come join the fun.


Our class on March19, was essentially on shopping in Paris.

We always start with a freshly made tea or coffee just to get in the mood, as we begin our sketches.

We had a fabulous silver, very touristy model of the Eiffel Tower, plus French baby shoes, Marriage tea, plus Adeline’s freshly made waffles – I mean fresh – she makes them in the Studio!

A great sketch still life and some fun results.

We then practiced phrases we might need when going shopping. Everything from markets to shoes.

It’s amazing to me how few phrases you need if you get them right!

Some will cover multi situations – thank goodness.

Adeline of course asks questions in French, as they do in France. Not s-l-o-w-l-y as we’d prefer.

We have plenty of laughs over our attempts to sound French.


IMG_8473The March 26 class was the last in our 5 series.Adeline had made her signature Pear & Chocolate Tarte. That was our subject naturally. Along with our coffee cups to make a good composition, and the sketches were yummy.

While tasting at last, we began our conversation about transport and questions about where, what time, which platform etc.

Time is an interesting one, but we managed with help to get some of it right.

Luckily Adeline does info sheets for each week, for us to refer to as we go through it. We answer her hoping not to look for the answer first, but of course we do!

But as we know, like everything, sketching included – the more you practice the easier it becomes.

Our next Term classes will be on Mondays starting April 29.

We’d love you to come and join us for some fun.



  1. HI Erin, I’d love to join this class. I’ll be in Perth until the 28th, so the 29th should be fine. Can you let me know where to go, what and how to pay and what to bring….

    Can’t wait!

    Warm wishes Joanne Joanne Thorpe M: 0417 955 688


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