An Everlasting Weekend

It’s all a bit confusing having Easter in late March.

Usually I know exactly what day it is when I wake. Now each of the 4 days feels like Saturday, or is it Sunday?

Heaven, Easter Saturday

Heaven, Easter Saturday

Not that I don’t enjoy having some spare days to think about the world a little.

Cos I do.

No clock watching. Just do as you wish and if it’s not finished there’s still tomorrow.

Easter is a religious celebration, and that for many is a time for reflection. A time of new life. New beginnings.

We are in the southern hemisphere so it’s not Spring, but Autumn.

But we know how it goes anyway.

We have had a few chocolate Bunnies and Eggs. Not too many though.

In fact, these were the ones we sketched in our last Sketch classes before Easter.

So they’ve earned their place on our table.

We wouldn’t want them to go to waste would we?


I spent some time in the Studio on Saturday. Pottering.

Thinking about new paintings and what to put in the window.

It’s good to keep that interesting for the passersby.

I ‘ve put the class demo done on a small whiteboard there.


Anyway, I was doing the sketch for Hotel Les Oeillets, when the man in the ice cream truck parked outside.

He was delivering to the little store next door because he didn’t work on Good Friday. Of course not.

Would I like an ice cream? You know me. Can’t say no.

Guess what it was called.


How perfect for Easter.

Heaven on a stick.

You’ll see my quick sketch, with a touch of white chinagraph thrown in.

Honestly it was heaven.

Easter Moon

Easter Moon

We sat outside later to have dinner. What a glorious evening.

The water was sparkling and the lights were reflecting as the big orange moon rose from behind St Patricks. A little cooler on these nights but still lovely.

My loyal iphone did it’s best but of course it’s just an impression of how it was.

A bit like sketching.

Just an impression.

Still we have today and tomorrow to go.

An everlasting weekend.

©ErinHill 2013

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