A Quick Fix Sketch

Manly Village Cafe.

Manly Village Cafe.

There I was, sitting under the wooden portico in this cafe, checking out the ambiance, the coffee, the menu and so on. I had my sketching kit with me so decided to do a quick sketch.

You’d think I’d be better at this, but I used a way too thin pen to start and wasn’t happy! For a moment I thought I heard myself say ‘ I think I’ll tear it out’

What was I thinking! I preach the mantra about NEVER tearing out a sketch you think isn’t working. How are going to learn anything if you only keep the ‘good’ ones? So I asked myself how I could fix it. And the answer was the brush pen in the bottom of my bag.

YES. A good solution. I was on a bit of a caffein high so lines were going everywhere. I tossed in a few chinagraph lines and swung in with the paint. Woohoo, think it might be saved.

I left the lady sitting on the courtyard steps across the plaza, in the finer pen so that your eye is lead through the doorway to the outside.



  1. jackiesinfrance

    Love it Erin! It was great to be able to catch up with you and your sketchers in Manly – look forward to our next rendezvous – wherever that may be! Jx


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