Gâteau à goûter et géraniums à dessiner





Things were going a bit pear-shaped today.  Some days are like that!

I’d raced to the Studio to set up the tables with a gorgeous potted geranium and another long stemmed one in a glass. Then we started straight into sketching – how high, how wide – my mantra. But this time we’d be pushing things along and doing two sketches within the hour. Oops, realised I hadn’t made the Mariage tea we always start with!

Anyway, nobody noticed I hope, as they were flying through their sketches to get them done in time. The clock was counting down and the first sketch was ready for the watercolour pencil and waterbrush. Into the second sketch, the geranium in a glass. Done.


About now Adeline makes her entrance…….usually!

She’s forgotten the gateau and had to go back for it. Oh well 5 minutes isn’t too long to wait, and the sketches were coming to a close, as Adeline arrived. Comment allez-vous?

Perfect timing. What have you baked us today Adeline? What did we almost miss out on? And here’s how she wrote it on the board.



Then it was conversation time. New sheets to work from. Not that I’d remembered my Sketch& French book of course. Ce n’est pas un problème.

So off shopping we went.

I’m just looking thankyou. Oh that’s a good price. Do you have my size? Where is the men’s shoe department? Where are the toilets? And much more.

Then to the weekly food shopping list. It’s a great idea to write your shopping list in French for yourself, so you’ll become more familiar with seeing it that way. Adeline suggested this.

Well before long our class concluded. Everyone enjoyed it and all are becoming more  confident with both sketching and French conversation. We all had a laugh about our perfectly planned class that wasn’t.


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