Making and Baking Cakes



Rain has been so rare lately that they made an announcement on the radio to say it was coming. What! Rain in winter! Who’d have thought.

So it was out with our coats and umbrellas.

Two setups today. One for bowls spoons, graters, jugs etc needed to make a cake, the other was what is needed to bake one.

It’s quite interesting to sketch those functional kitchen items we often take for granted.

The idea was to sketch individual items or the full vista. You choose.

Most people got two sketches done and chose both approaches.

It was a little damp on our way to Darley Rd Bakehouse, but happily we were under cover most of the way. Almost singing in the rain!

The displays are very enticing, lots of pink iced buns, but it was the French bread which was the attraction.

This is the kind of sketch you might do when travelling. Local village bakeries are very appealing, and everybody got the idea.

Cosy inside

Cosy inside

Wine, Dine & Sketch

Wine, Dine & Sketch

We adjourned through the doors to Four Olives Deli Cafe, where Al Pacino looks down at us with a very cool expression. I think he likes us.

We hopped up to a window table facing the street corner where we could all look out at the people in the rain.

Some delicious food, coffees and a little vino had the sketches whizzing along.

It was about time to do photos of the sketches when I said another 4 mins would be fine.

One sketcher who’d sketched a fruit tarte, suddenly threw her watercolours onto it at high speed and came up with a gorgeous mouth watering completed work. In 4 mins. Now if she’d had 1/2 an hour it would have been overworked! You’ll know which one it is!

Another sent hers from home and you’ll see that below. Kitchen decor that still fits the bill.


Leonie's 'home' sketch

Leonie’s ‘home’ sketch






Looked very bright and blue today and by the time sketchers had settled down the sun was shining and everybody was very perky.

We had a visit today from Christy Powell who will be our new tutor for Kid’s Holiday Workshops we’ve just designed.

She was very keen to meet everybody and see how our classes run, because this is the format which the Kid’s classes will take – without the cafes.

We again talked about the choice of full vista sketch or vignettes of our Making a Cake and Baking a Cake, setups.

Very pleased to see more headings and titles being included, with comments worked into the designs.

So you’ll see a mixture of approaches and all a delight.

Darley Rd Bakehouse

Darley Rd Bakehouse

Another fun Sketch day

Another fun Sketch day

No rain as we walked down to the Darley Rd Bakehouse, and before long sketches of the bread, cakes and pink iced buns were coming hot off the press.

Christy was able to chat to each one about their sketches, what they were focussing on and how they go about planning their page.

One or two were overcome with hunger as the aroma of the freshly baked bread wafted past us.

Luckily Four Olives is right there, so they were able to take our end bench and carry on sketching in comfort with delicious Italian dishes being brought to them before they passed out.

Before long everyone joined them and the sketches being were completed and new ones started.

You’ll love what today’s class did. So much variety and character.




Back to blue skies and sunshine. It’s winter and it’s often our best weather.

Our sketchers are loving the food theme, particularly the ‘illustrated recipe’ concept.

With so many foodies among our groups this is something I’ll be suggesting for homework for those keen to try it. It’s a wonderful way to use of your sketching ability.

Take a family or special recipe and sketch it as you’d like it to be, and pop the wording in anywhere it fits. Make it a really decorative sketch. Take a copy and create a card or small print to go with the baked or cooked gift itself.

Start thinking now and you’ll have many of your Christmas gifts taken care of.

Inside coffee and sketch

Inside coffee and sketch

Inside and out

Inside and out

Saturdays are busy in the village but we can always find a spot to squeeze in and sketch at the Bakery. Some lovely sketches today and people are mastering the watercolours well or the w’colour pencils with waterbrush – our two way of applying colour.

Those who couldn’t resist the aroma of the sausages and burgers being cooked next door,  took a seat at Four Olives and ordered some tasty & healthy Italian, and continued to sketch. Some sketched outside and others tucked up on the seats in the window ( other end this time) and enjoyed the view outside, while enjoying their lunch, coffee and their sketch stories.

My apologies for the quality of the last two pics. Tried to hurry and didn’t realise there were shadows over the sketches till too late.

Sometimes it’s not good to hurry. It’s ok for sketching though.

However it doesn’t take away from the fact that all the cake and bread sketches today were just delightful.

New adventures are waiting next week.





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