Les Quatre Grenouilles

Cafe au lait sketching

Cafe au lait sketching

To celebrate the fifth class in our series of 5 Sketch&French classes, we decided to do the whole lesson at The Four Frogs Creperie.

The Creperie concept hasn’t been well known on this side of the planet, though it’s traditional in France. So when we discovered this new one recently, we fell upon it and have been hard pressed to stay away. So today was a perfect fit for us.

We’d start with sketching of course, so naturally the four Frog people do an excellent coffee and just right for our sketch. There is a trick to sketching hot drinks so that it’s not cold when you finally get to it. So I shared that.

The staff are lovely, and fluent French speakers so when we try out our skills they really do help and we listen hard for any responses and questions from them while we order our gallette with French cider.

Adeline asks us how we will order and we get everything word perfect before ordering. We meanwhile go over different ways to ask for drinks, food, where to sit and so on.

When our glorious galettes arrive we gaze in wonderment at these creations we are about to demolish. So tasty, such simple combinations but so appealing to the eye.

Un galette de fromage suisse et d'oeuf d'épinards

Un galette de fromage suisse et d’oeuf d’épinards

The Four Frogs use buckwheat (sarrasin) so for people who are gluten intolerant, this is paradise.

We missed a couple of the girls today, so to Sue and Anne, we do hope you can join us on another occasion here. After a lovely message from Sue, we had the waiter take a pic (below) and sent it directly to her.

Pour Sue avec amour

Pour Sue avec amour

So that’s it for this term. Everybody has thoroughly enjoyed the classes, and are booking in again after travel to France (oh where else! )

If you’d like to join us here are our next dates

Next 5 week course  – Mondays  July 14, 21, 28, Aug 4, 11th   2014




  1. Marianne Rudd

    Hi Erin

    Please can you book me in for the Sketch and French class in the fourth term?

    See you Thursday

    Many thanks


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Un Grand merci! Le photo est tres bon. Je voudrai avoir ete la..
    I know the French is terrlble but what fun. I won’t be able to join in 3rd term but have no excuses for term 4 all dates are great! I’ll try to keep up both the French and sketching until then.
    See you then,
    Sue XXX


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