My City Adventure

Renya Xydis City Salon

Renya Xydis City Salon

My appointment was at 9.30am. That’s ok and I work backwards to work out which ferry I’ll get to the city. There I am on an incredibly wet morning along with crowds also off to the city.  Peak hour. Decide to get the fast ferry.

MMmmm. Looked to me like there’d be no chance of all of us squeezing on – but we kept filing forwards. No return now.

Managed to find a seat inside the cabin which reminds me more of an aircraft than a boat. Not a seat left before we left and people even had to ask to sit in those ones in the middle. Like the movies, everyone sits on the aisle and blocks to rest.

Thought I’d have 20 minutes to sketch. If I could have stopped gawking at the goings on around me. The girl next to me did her full makeup. Yes the foundation right through to the eyeliner and mascara. Another did her nails. The usual bunch of ipads, laptops and phones. Not a newspaper in sight, except the Manly Daily picked up in the entrance. Another young couple were eating Adriano Zumbo macarons – breakfast? Lordy and this was only what I could see in front of me!

Umbrellas in the city

Umbrellas in the city

Up with my umbrella and a brisk walk through the city of umbrella-heads and puddles, reflections and colour.  Everyone is in a hurry. The aroma of coffee as I pass the enticing little nooks serving it up to queues of office workers. The waft of cinnamon and hot toast from breakfasts on the run.

Sketch on blank coffee cup

Sketch on blank coffee cup

A very nice coffee from a tiny place round the corner, ordered by the salon once I sank into my comfortable chair. I haven’t been here before. Piles of glossies and gossip mags on the shiny marble unit. Exotic mood lighting and stylish decor. Busy clients who are clearly running a business while having their colour done. Me – out with the sketchbook. They never raised their eyes. Suits me. Matilda did a marvellous and meticulous job with the colour and foils. Aahh, what a splendid time one has being beautified.

Back out into the wet.  Yes you can now gaze upon my glorious hair and wish you could feel as good as I do. Sorry, must hurry, I have a High Tea to attend.



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