Sydney Sketch Club at Bastille Day Markets

Sketchers at Bastille Day Markets.International Sketch Crawl.

Sketchers at Bastille Day Markets.International Sketch Crawl.

Markets are busy and colourful places and very appealing to sketchers. But of course there is so much going on, you have to think about how your sketches will sum up the occasion. I liked the ‘Delicate Cakes’ marquee with it’s beautiful little cake art pieces and its croquembouche centrepiece. From where I was, slightly behind it and on the rise, I could observe well.

This was our Sydney Sketch club Meetup and International Sketchcrawl. Jennifer placed herself in front of the big painted mural outside the library a little clear of the markets, and noted each sketcher as they checked in. Then it was off to look for those I knew were coming. Not that I found everyone though! They found me.

We all sketched from various places around the whole market, and it seemed huge. There was children’s painting, boules for the grown ups, French singers, musicians, and of course plenty of tasty foods to try.

About 12.30 sketchers gathered back at the meeting point with their impressions of the day recorded in various sketchbooks and as different as macarons and cheese. We all enjoy seeing how everyone else chose to represent their view of the day’s subject.

It  had been a bright and sunny day, but was getting a little chilly by this time, so some of us took off to a warm Cafe Jago next to the park and ordered some comfort food. They have those clever heaters built into the umbrellas, so it’s surprisingly warm in the courtyard even though it’s outside.

A very enjoyable day, and one imagines all the other sketchers round the world  sketching away and posting online for us all the share. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work.


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