Bonjour, Comment ça va? Trés bien merci!

IMG_0130We’re back and beginning another 5 weekly classes of our popular Sketch & French.

Such a lovely big group of enthusiastic folk, keen to learn a dash of travel sketching, topped up with enough French to get by somehow when in France.

We had a lot of laughs and light moments today, as we got ourselves ready to sketch the French pastries on the table. Fresh this morning from St Rémy Baked at Fairlight. A yummy selection to make two still life setups and we could get started.

A lovely cup of tea for everyone from our pretty impressive selection to start, and it was pens and sketchbooks into action. Luckily Vivianne had come in to see if she could help so it was lovely having two of us guiding unsure sketchers how to get their sketch into their books and how to add colour in our layering technique, topped up with a dab from the waterbrush.

You’ll see what a fab job everyone did, and most people had never sketched before.

Then it was entree Adeline for her part of class.

A number of people hadn’t been to Sketch & French before, so it was a good chance to go over the very important things to know such as greetings, alphabet, counting and numbers. Even if you couldn’t get everything into your brain in this session, you have the day’s lesson  stuck in your sketchbook, with notes scribbled down the side – to remind you of everything. And you’ll hear Adeline’s gorgeous accent when you read it over again.

This is a wonderful way to enjoy learning as you’ll see from the pics above. More next Monday.


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