A Little Yoga Sketching


Last week after yoga we were at Bloom for coffee and a little something. Bloom is very new and we were very excited to see what had been a restaurant become a gorgeous cafe with designer rustic decor. Big plus, the coffee is great and so is the food.

We were so enthusiastic, that those of us who sketch had said we should bring our sketchbooks this week and we’d sketch our food and whatever appealed.

So there we were. Feeling grounded after Jo’s excellent yoga session and at a big indoor table back at Bloom. Some of us had even ordered. Atsuko sat down and said ‘Did you bring your sketchbooks?’ OMG. Nope. No one reminded us they said. MMmmm my fault said I to myself. And the funny thing is, I didn’t have mine either!

Pam had hers ( sketched her orange cake) and she and Atsuko ( did Leslie and Janette opposite ) were the only ones who’d remembered! But being generous and kind people, Pam gave me a bit of paper with pen, and Atsuko had her watercolour pencils and waterbrush. That’s all I needed.

That apple and blueberry muffin is made fresh every morning and has wholemeal and other goodies in it,  and is so full of goodness you jump out of your skin and don’t feel hungry till dinner. So the sketching began, coffee first so that I could drink it while luke warm! I talk too much and forget.

This our reward after yoga. To walk to a nearby cafe and indulge in a great coffee, with maybe a little taste of something incredible to go with it. And being with our group is very special.



  1. Atsuko

    I’m glad to manage to do a quick sketch today. This is exactly what I’ learning in your sketching classes , isn’t it,Erin. What a lovely day !!
    ( I confess that I had forgotten about a sketchbook until Pam reminded me yesterday. Thanks Pam:))


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