The Boatshed Balmoral

IMG_0148I’ve seen the Boatshed morph from being – a boatshed, through several upgrades, but this one looks to be the most extensive. Now you can wander the full length of the outside walkway and find a table where they used to pull the dinghies out from storage.

I liked the smaller table near the entrance where I could look out to sea, past the enclosed old swimming pool to the far shores – and sketch. I was waiting to meet Glenys, visiting from Auckland NZ.

This meant I had a short time to sketch, including the lipstick on my cup.  I enjoyed having the time to do this, in this tranquil beachside setting.

Before long my dear friend arrived and we shared those two gorgeous home baked muffins and much conversation about her highly successful recent exhibition.

Sketching, good friends and muffins by the sea. How good does it get.


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