Je suis astronaute, et vous?


Monday August 5 ’13

Our Sketch&French travel sketching is stepping up the pace a little this week.

Some interesting angles to observe, and not many had ever learned this. Perspective in other words.

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 6.59.45 PM

If it’s closer to you it’s bigger. As it goes away it’s going to get smaller.

Christy was also on hand today, so we could both give some guidance to some who may have struggled so soon on their sketching adventure.

As you’ll see in the sketches, if you had the Eiffel Tower as your setup, you had some challenges, but my feeling was, when you do stand there in front of it in Paris – you’ll already know a great deal about it’s shape and angles.

Today Adeline was taking us through ‘How to Introduce yourself and key phrases’.

These are rather helpful when you are in France, and you feel quite pleased if you can get by with at least some core phrases.

Everyone was asked some questions about where they come from, live, what do you do etc.

One dear student, when asked her profession answered ‘Je suis docteur’.

Are you? said her friend.

‘Je suis astronaute’

‘Ah bon? C’est vrai?’

‘No but if you’re a doctor………..’

Lots of laughs about that indeed. So everyone went home with new notes and work sheets, and some excellent sketches to be proud of.


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