Je Prendrai un Verre de Vin Rouge s.v.p.


IMG_0420Week 3 of our 5 week Sketch & French course.

Vivianne and I were both tutoring today as we wanted to give people who are still quite new to sketching, as much guidance as possible.

Our still life was a South Pacific beach theme, similar to last week’s Travel Sketch class setups. They’re up for this now.

We also knew that we’d be expecting two sketches within the hour today, both completed with colour.

If anyone arrived late, they simply had less time to sketch, and by golly there was fire in everyone’s tail. This is what happens when you travel. You only have a few minutes sometimes to sketch.

You’ll see some beautiful work from everyone above and you’d hardly know some are very  new to this.

This week Adeline was working on many of the questions you may ask, or be asked when at the restaurant.

So many important phrases which you’d be pleased to understand when in a restaurant, with friends, and you are the only one with even half a clue to what’s being said.

There is the table reservation one, the where do want to sit, are you ready to order, how would you like your meat cooked and – and –  you get the idea!

We have two pages of notes, filled with 10 or so phrases and questions. You keep these notes in your sketchbook to refer to in your own time.

Adeline lets people answer her questions and then helps with pronunciation. It’s that difference which is so helpful. Hearing yourself repeat a phrase, in the way it should sound.

We are being asked now about next year’s classes, and will design one for people who have already done Sketch & French 1. The next one will be Sketch & French 2 and though not be any harder, will have new situations to help you expand your French conversation.




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