Fruits et légumes à esquisser

IMG_0593 IMG_0589Our Sketch today was about the market. The fruit and the vegetable markets are an everyday place for most French people. Choosing and deciding the purchase is also an art form. Our art is to take the time to observe each piece and sketch the still life.

Again speed was the essence and even if late, you still needed to do two sketches with colour and move on. In this case Adeline’s arrival was the reason for the ‘Move on’.

Today was about transport. About which way to go. Which platform for the train. Where to park the car, about gasoline and so on.

Everybody has a chance to answer the questions as in the worksheet, with some extra questions thrown in. You can of course find the answers but you do begin to remember a few essential and key phrases to get you through.

Just one more in our series of 5 Sketch & French classes, and everyone is enjoying our very novel classes.

Term 4 dates are October 14, 21, 28th and November 4, 11th. 

We will have S&F 1 for newcomers and S&F 2 for those who have been before. Do get in touch as places are limited.


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