Sketching at Sunset. Evening Classes.

Once we have daylight saving, from early October, and we have those gorgeous long evenings –  then we begin our Sketching at SunsetEvening classes.

Starting on Tuesday October 8, and Wednesday October 9, we are doing an easy 3 week course. So you have a class every week on the day you’ve picked. These are just right for busy people who can’t get to the day classes, but still want to be sketching when they can, and learn how it’s done.

We begin at 6.30p.m. in the Studio, and finish at 8.30p.m. somewhere in Manly. We always begin with a still life in the Studio where one of our tutors will be guiding you through the ‘how to see’ process. Once you ‘get’ this you’ll be on your way.

Then it’s time to walk down the hill to one of our sketching venues, maybe the wharf, or the beach, or architecture for a little perspective, and then to an interesting bar or cafe.

We cover every subject you would ever run into and you’ll soon feel confident to sketch wherever you happen to be.

Enrolling now for an October start. If you love it,  just enrol for another 3 after that.

All info and ENROLMENT FORM details.


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