Sketch your Cake at Hyatt on The Rocks

Well it was a beautiful day in Sydney, and we all felt a little like rather posh tourists taking in our High Tea at the Park Hyatt.

Both Christy and I ( being Vivianne )were there so you got two tutors for the price of one!

Sketch your Cake Hyatt

With a stunning view of the harbour and The Rocks, we all took our seats at a long marble table.  Smartly dressed and very polite staff brought out beautifully shaped plate stands filled with colourful and drool worthy goodies…and drool we did.

The restraint shown by the group was quite remarkable and all was very quiet for  some time…then, breaking the silence, a voice piped up: “is anyone drawing this, cos I REALLY want to eat it!”

 The 3 tiered cake stands, while challenging, really got us thinking about that P word again; Perspective…Because the stands were so high, the ellipse of the top plate actually looked less rounded than the one on the bottom plate. One student finally broke her self confessed habit of drawing everything as if viewed from above. We thought maybe she was a seagull in a previous life?Sketchcake 2

The silverware proved another exercise in REALLY seeing what is there, so many reflections and we don’t have silver pencils or paint! We simplified a little using a mix of colour to create a lavender base, with a light warm earth tone dotted in places for reflections.

Sandwiches, roulades, scones with bowls of jam and cream, macarons, banana cakes, tartlets, teas, coffees and all our sketchbooks and water jars filled the tables. We could see the advantages of having such a neat and compact travel kit.

Sketchcake 1

 Sketches were full of colour, especially on the milk chocolate and raspberry macarons. We had close ups, vignettes and a few sketchers creating “Alissa style” travel pages complete with a ferry map and visual discoveries along the way. Maps of the Hyatt were given out for those wanting to continue on the “travel sketch” experience with the advice to colour the “land” and not the streets (thanks again Alissa!)

Christy and I also showed some serious restraint…eyeing out those cakes (and not only for their visual representation!) but focusing on the teaching rather than the eating…Boy did they taste good when we had them at the end of the day, thanks to all!

Now, what was the most fun ladies, the sketching or the eating? Actually, don’t answer that…the food WAS really good…

©Vivianne Hazenveld for ErinHill 2013   Photography above by Christy Powell


  1. Therese

    Vivianne – and Christy – we had a wonderful afternoon with two teachers . Christy’s photos also tell the whole story. It was a lot of fun and the cakes were delicious.



  2. Atsuko

    Dear Vivianne and Christy
    Thank you for being our tutors walking around our table so many times. I really enjoyed this elegant time away from my daily routine work.



    It was a lovely afternoon thankyou Erin.. and we were so sorry you couldnt make it and we missed you. Christy and Vivianne did a lovely job tutoring …I must have been their favourite student 🙂 i wrote down some wonderful tips and even took some photos of their  wonderful work to show my kids…they were impressed..they said”Mum you are so clever”  ….and then i told  then the truth….lol The cakes were absolutely “Delightul” , I had my very first strawberry and rhubarb tea..and the ladies were very nice company as well.  Atsuko is always so clever with her personal sketches of all of us and Oh …is that my teapot sketch right in the centre of the photo display……well how special is that…lol…Look forward to another one soon, cheers and teas Micheline :)xo


  4. Erin I put weight each time when watching you groups work and lose it straight when I see the fresh light colours they always use… I take it you all jogging at the end of each session… ha ha well done.


  5. What a wonderful day! I wish I had been there. Your sketches look as delicious as the sweets themselves. I love the colour and variety.
    I laughed to see reference to some “Alissa style” drawings


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