Briques et pâtisseries délicieuses




It was our last class in Term 3 for our Sketch & French students.

We always start with the Sketch part of class, and now that everyone has learned to ‘see shapes’ and can visually measure, before putting pen to paper – we went outdoors. Woohoo.

Just as in our travel sketching classes, we start inside and then go outside.

So round the corner we went and chose brick posts and letterboxes, and a brick archway.

Suddenly perspective becomes important. It’s the first time for these sketchers. The ‘going away’ or getting smaller is pointed out. Ah ha, yes. I see it now. And they did.

However as in travelling, we didn’t want to ‘miss the bus’  or ‘miss your flight – a bit of a saying I’m known for!

We were expecting Adeline in the Studio, and still had to get back there and do a 5 minute cake sketch. Oui. More cakes!  Everybody from last week had cakes, and so should our Sketchers today!

Success. Pens flying as tea and coffees made, colour applied, signatures and dates noted. Whew maybe not as finished as they’d have liked, but done in the time. anyway.

Sketching in Paris!  C’est pas un problem.

 It was revision with Adeline today. A wrap-up of the many work sheets we’ve been looking at, saying out loud and writing our own notes all over.Now I’m noticing a much more confidence in answering questions, and having some fun with trying out suggestions for other ways to say things.As one sketcher said ‘Why would I be ordering a GLASS of wine. I only ever order a bottle!And how do I ask for my shoe size? That’s the most important question of all for this sketcher.

Adeline had a sheet of questions based on all the lessons from the term and I must say everyone could answer them well. If not always the perfect answer, at least well enough to be understood.

And that’s the point of our Sketch & French classes.

Having enough language to get through most situations and keep smiling.

J’ai la peche!


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