Buddahs & Yum Cha

The classes shown for this week are being taken by Christy. It’s marvellous to have 3 of us who all tutor with passion and can all add their own little something. Here we go.

Thursday Sept 12 '13. 1Thursday Sept 12 '13. 2Class Thurs Sept 12. 1


A group of seven took part in “Out and About” sketching today. A happy cheerful group, ready to start early, intrigued by our subject today- the Buddha Statues.

We all talked initially about how to see the shape and form before putting pen to  paper ; how to focus on a focal point ; and though there is solid colour we reminded ourselves of how we like to apply our colour with leaving white space down the sides and making good use of the chino-graph pencil in high lighted areas.

We all happily got settled and soon an array of delightful sketches were produced, with interesting views of the statues.

Penny received a call while in class, with the news her nephew’s wife had given birth to twins!! We all were so pleased for Penny, all wanting to know birth weights and details. We even got to see cute pictures of the newborn’s! Today’s technology is amazing!

Class. Thurs Sept 12.2Thursday Sept 12.2

Then it was on down the hill to sketch at the Corso before heading up to the Phoenix Yum Cha restaurant (at the top of the Steyne Hotel).

Today’s weather was superb for sketching in the Corso, as we warmed ourselves in the sun, sketching amongst happy tourists ; mothers with their toddlers ; seagulls frequenting the water fountains and hoping for french-fries from the little kid who wasn’t paying attention to his food.

Many of the group wanted to keep with the “Asian” theme of today, and got busy sketching the interesting side entrance to the Steyne Hotel, which is displayed with hanging lanterns, a bicycle attached to a cart, and decorative fans adorning the walls. This made for some stunning little compositions. One sketcher approached this area utilizing the “vignette style” (a series of impressions on the page) of sketching, which was really successful in capturing the essence of that little alcove area.

Then we made our way upstairs to dine at the Phoenix Yum Cha, and to finish up our sketches. We found the lovely venue not only lent itself to friendly staff, spacious tables, copious amounts of amazing food which was continuously on offer! But more so, the atmosphere! The whole group remarked how enjoyable our day was, rounded up in such pleasant surrounds, with Chinese tea’s in hand….Cheers!

Class. Thurs Sept 12'13. 3

Thursday Sept 12 '13 4Thursday Sept 12 '13. 5



Fri Sept 13 '13. 1Fri Sept 13 '13.2

Class Fri Sept 13. 1


Even the down pour this morning couldn’t deter this enthusiastic group from attending class today. We had more than a full house, with 11 in attendance.

The rains did cause a few late comers, but we all busied ourselves getting settled quickly and focused on sketching the Buddha.

There was the reiteration of the steps we take before approaching our sketch, and I was pleased to see a lot of “pen at arms length-measuring” to perfect the placing on the page.

There were several of us in the class who’d ordered the new and improved pencil cases. They had arrived, thanks to the organizing from Therese and others! (Thank you) Those who’d ordered, had fun placing the beloved pens, pencil crayons and other bits and bobs carefully in their new home!

We had a couple of sketchers attending a second class this week, in a make up session. Both were keen to re-sketch the Buddha and approach areas that had been of interest the day before, but in a different way. For instance the “resin glow of the one Buddha statue” was redone using chinograph for the highlighted areas, white space left down the edges, and a careful layering of colour. I was pleased to see beautiful results. You’ll see all sketches from this theme were colourful and everyone had something “special” to reveal in their sketch, which meant that a focal point had been kept in mind.

Class Fri Sept 13. 2Fri Sept 13 '13. 3

By the time it came to heading down the hill to the Corso, where we’d sketch before heading up to the Phoenix Yum Cha, the rain had abated and we were free to amble down the hill without umbrellas and with near peeking sun.

We assembled ourselves in the alcove entrance to the Steyne Hotel, and kept with the Asian theme of today, by sketching the lanterns, decorative fans and the little scene of the bike and cart.

The vignette approach once again was cleverly used, along with some great compositions of the area. You’ll see from the sketches how vibrant the lanterns are. See if you can spot the use of chilli sauce? Once at the Phoenix, one of the sketchers cleverly decided to try using ‘soya’ sauce as the darkened paint. This worked remarkably well..and thereafter with some bravery attained from such an exhibition, chilli-sauce was next!

We all enjoyed ourselves, with dim sum lunch, and Chinese tea. Conversations and sketching never halted, and by the close of class many of us were still sketching and marvelling at each other’s beautiful work. “And beautiful it was indeed!”

Class Fri Sept 13 3Fri Sept 13 '13. 4Fri Sept 13 '13 .5009………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



Saturday Sept 14. 2Class Saturday Sept 14 '13 1


And, then there were three.

Today’s smaller group consisted of 3, and each came in, said our hello’s and quickly got busy on how to best approach the Buddha statues.

We talked about focal points, and colour application. No ‘dilly – dallying” by this group as they approached their sketching.

It was really interesting to see different approaches to the sketching this week. Some like to start (once measured up) sketching from the bottom up. Others from the top down. An array of different colour choices too. See what you think from these wonderful sketches.

Rooi was part of the group today, and I hadn’t gotten a chance to see her lovely sketches from her recent trip back to Malaysia. I’m sure we can all appreciate how special it is to trawl through someone else’s travel journal. A pure treat. It reinforces why we do “Travel sketching” for ourselves, as memories are brought back to life and places become so visceral you can hear or smell what it was like.

Class. sat Sept 14.2Once the sketching in the studio was done and photographed, we strolled down the hill to the Corso. I was nattering about how cool the entrance to the Steyne Hotel alcove was, with the bicycle, decorative fans etc.. But when we got there, it was all packed up! We couldn’t do anything there, and with wanting to keep with the Asian theme, we decided to head up to the Phoenix and find things to sketch there.Along the way, we also had passed a sign called “Buddha wear”, which is a relatively new boutique clothing store in the Corso. We all chuckled at how it was appropriate considering we’d just sketched the Buddha at the studio. This is shown in today’s photographs.Once upstairs in the Phoenix we were shown to a table for the four of us. We were grateful in a way that we’d arrived early, as it was starting to get busy in the restaurant and we wouldn’t have had seating basked in sunlight, with views of the ocean and Corso rooftops.We busied ourselves with several sketches of the delicious food, teas and surrounding views. It was a pleasant day, with the sun out and things warming up. It had been expected to rain.Once we’d chatted our way through a couple of teapots of tea, and an excellent selection of dim sum thanks to Rooi, we topped it off with a little custard tart each for dessert. Yum!! Beautiful sketches were photographed and we all headed back up the hill.

Thank you to all the groups this week, it was pure delight, and you all bring a little more sunshine into my day.

Saturday Sept 14 '13 4Saturday Sept 14 '13. 3 Saturday Sept 14 '13 5

Christy for ErinHill2013


  1. Hello Erin

    I’m sorry I meant to email ages ago. Did you receive my form with payment for the sunset sketching? I slid it under the door! Please confirm. Many thanks Anna

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  2. Hi Mary Ann, One of the students found them online and ordered, so it wasn’t anything I was involved in.
    You may be able to see them on some of the tables and work it out that way.
    Hope the cafe sketching is going well. XXE


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