The Sketchers arrive. First Afternoon at Daku

Saturday Sept 14

You can hear the fan whirring at first light.

You remember where you are.

It’s Fiji.

The group will arrive later today. Can’t wait.

And it’s balmy and warm outside. The sun is streaming across our balcony and its time to rise and shine. My cuppa tea sitting out here never tasted so good.

Breakfast seems like a good idea.

I love papaya straight off the trees. Milton likes the jam made from apple jelly on his toast.

We farewell the artists who’ve spent a week here before ours.

Some new folk arrive and we talk about where they’re sailing in the next few weeks.

Everyone gets to know everyone round here.

Betty, our first sketcher arrives from New Zealand.

We talk about the week that will be, and how she and Jenny C. grew up together as little girls in Fiji. This is a chance to revisit their own history. She will get settled in before the others arrive this afternoon.

Into Savusavu town to meet Jacquie for coffee.

She’s already here for the family wedding between her daughter and a boy born on the Island. Lots of pre wedding nerves of course.

She’ll sketch with us when she can.

We want to explore on foot, the markets along the road with all their locally grown fruit and veg.

It’s so familiar to them and so unfamiliar to me.

But I like to know what things are and where the best sketch spots are.

Over to Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort for a cool fruit drink in the lounge overlooking the bay. Time for a sketch of our drinks.

After this there won’t be time for many sketches from me.

I will spend every waking minute being there for our sketchers from here on..

Better run. I can see their plane flying over and about to land.

Jump into the mini van and scoot it to the airport, and we’ll be there to meet the sketchers arriving any minute.

Oh there they are. Everyone is so excited to be here at last and when luggage is found, it’s into the mini van and off to Daku Resort. Thanks Raj.

Each guest is welcomed with a coconut brimming with fresh juice.

You said you wanted your drink on arrival – well you are arriving!

Time to take sit down and let the relaxing begin.

A swim, a chat, some laughs, more laughs, and dinner at 7 pm.

A long day and a big sleep needed.

Tomorrow we’ll begin sketching.

Photos also contributed by Therese, Toni & Milton. More stories coming soon.

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