Yoga, Markets, Shopping at Daku Resort Fiji

Monday Sept 16

We are so lucky having this balmy warm weather, and very little rain.

That seems to fall during the night if at all.

Some sketchers are out walking at 6am and others are now keen to join in.

We are also completing breakfast earlier which means we can start our yoga and be energized to begin our sketching day.

Today Jan and Therese lead the session following Jo’s Travel Yoga sketches. All created just for us as she wasn’t able to come herself.

A lot of laughs as arms swing this way and that as we copy whoever is in front, who usually has it wrong anyway!

Our sketching today is in the local markets in the town of Savusavu.

Quite full on for those who are new to this type of Travel Sketching.

But it isn’t long before I can see everyone very involved in creating their pages and chatting with stallholders.

One keen sketcher also joined some chaps drinking kava. We like to be part of the neighbourhood.

Two of the girls are sketching stall holders.

Some of the sketchers are able to quickly sketch some of the stall holders, who seem more than happy by the distraction.

It is interesting to observe the bone structures of different nationalities.

Very worthwhile to learn this, or we have everybody looking like us.

Market sketches

From Copra Shed Cafe sketchesLunch is definitely looked forward to,  as is all of Merione’s food, we have already learned.

Keni and the boys are always thinking ahead, and they know when they strike the big dinner drum, we are all there and ready to attack the days selection.

Always local produce and always fresh as well as cooked, for balance, so we make sure we’re back at Daku for that. I seem to mention ‘fresh’ a lot.

Shopping is on our itinerary for the afternoon.

Almost everyone excitedly heads back into town to look at the handcrafts and to do some fabric shopping.

We don’t find fabric by the metre in cities much now, so the vision of these bolts of glorious colours and tropical designs was too much for some.

That combined with the excellent dressmaker Jacquie recommended round the corner, created instant heaven.

Many order new shift and wrap dresses to be made using the sarong lengths in gorgeous designs.

All would be ready in a couple of days and ready to wear at Coconut Aperitifs later this week.

We are all very happy to spend a few dollars we’ve brought in the local shops.

Such dedication to their sketching though, and once back home at Daku, sketchbooks are out and the day’s work being tidied up, shared and admired.

I love seeing little groups of our sketchers sitting quietly around totally absorbed in what they’re doing, oblivious to the world around them.

We love the table they’ve set up for our group at the far end of the pool. This has become ours, and we always know we can sit there at any time and sketch happily away.

Being down here also means our mirth and natural ebulance doesn’t bother any other guests.

The conversation with delicious food and wine is pure joy for us all.

Another glorious day for all.

Show us what you bought.

Photos today also contributed by Toni, and Milton. It’s not over yet, more coming.


  1. Christy

    Just delightful!!! Thoroughly enjoying the posts from the recent trip to Fiji, Erin! Wonderful vibrant sketches to go with the colourful adventure you all got to experience! ~X


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