When The Sun Goes Down, The Sketchers Come Out

Wed Sunset Leaves

Wednesday Oct 9 ’13

It’s really very sunny when Christy and I arrive a little earlier than our first Wednesday evening Sketch class is to start .

When people arrive we make our introductions and offer a nice cuppa tea.

A good time to talk about our Travel Sketch Kit.

We travel mean and light – and fast!

Because tonight we have first time sketchers,  we have a simple mug and leaf still life. It’s very forgiving. Need more leaves? Less leaves? Go ahead.

If we were sketching people, no you cannot add an extra head!

Not much can go wrong if you make your sketch too fat or too thin. Really doesn’t matter.

It’s a quick impression.

We complete the sketches and everyone is pretty pleased with them. Next we learn the tricks of applying watercolour pencil in layers, which is how we get such lively colour.

Of course the fun at the end is the touch of water brush in the darker sections.

But do be cautious.

It can get a bit brighter than you think.

Wed Sunset Oct 9 '13

It’s now dark outdoors. Down the hill we all go and along to where the bright lights are.

In fact we had a particular venue in mind a little further on, but as we pass some of the bright and inviting bistros, a committee decision is made and we do a quick left turn into In Situ Bar /Restaurant.

The outdoor garden with its invitingly lit dining area appeals a lot to us through our creative sketcher eyes.

Coffee? No they don’t do that after 4 o’clock. Will I survive!

Water is looking good and the carafe it comes in. There’s our sketch.

There are a couple of things we need consider at this moment however.

Although we are here to sketch, people who’ve come straight from work need sustenance.

So food that looks sketchable is a vital factor. It needs colour and texture. And taste. And to stop people falling over.

All this is quite amusing as it’s in low lighting and you can’t tell a blue from a green!

And here we are sketching! In the dark!

Well as one girl noted if we can read the menu we can probably see our sketches.


Wed Sunset InSitu

So with some nice red wine, and 3 tasty and colourful dishes – we have our subjects.

Actually everyone does extremely well with sketching the carafes, water and wine glasses.

One sketcher was well into her 3rd sketch of the food.

Christy needed to get the pics of the work, so we were very impressed to get 2 sketches done in the first lesson anyway.

We talk about how flexible you need to be with travel sketching. You take your moments as they come. You  plan very little. Just like deciding to come here. You allow for changes and go along with it.

Its very soon time to say our goodbyes, and everyone seems to have really enjoyed their first ‘Sketching at Sunset’ class.

The Sunset Virgins as someone said. And then thought maybe not!

We all had a lot of laughs of course and everyone disappears into the night.

Wed InSitu sketches

©ErinHill2013. Thanks Christy for the photos. All taken at night!


  1. Looks like great fun as always Erin. I’ve been proudly boasting that I cleaned out the shed last weekend ready to get into some art. Of course once you have a blank slate/page/canvas it suddenly gets daunting. Great idea to just go with something simple and fast.


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