Entrez, Je Vous En Prie!

S&F 1

S&F 2

Je vous en prie!  Please come in!  Yes we’re back for more Sketch & French fun.

With some new students and some ‘old hands’ we all spend some time chatting and catching up with each other’s news and some encouraging words for those about to begin sketching.

We have the simple leaf setup on my table, and for the students already familiar with how to start sketching, their setup is on the other table.

That’s because they are still expected to complete 2 sketches within the hour. This is Travel Sketching. You are on the move. Time short. Jackie takes up the offer to go outside for her second sketch. First timers get the whole hour on one sketch.  Next week they will do two. No pressure at all!!

Both the new girls finish their very first impression of what’ve been observing. Then colour is applied and some looks of relief  and smiles when I say ‘Sign and date it and you’re done’

Great timing as Adeline arrives to take over the very enjoyable French conversation part of the class. In fact as we discuss later, it’s having this chance for conversation that most people miss out on. Adeline is giving you the phrases you’ll hear in everyday French where you might be asked who you are, what you do, where you come from and what you do in life and similar. It’s all written out on the weekly sheets which you keep in your sketchbook with notes and sketches together.

At least if you hear these phrases you have a chance of knowing what the subject is!  Of course knowing the alphabet is pretty important too. If someone doesn’t understand your name you may be asked to spell it. In French, not English. All this was covered today.

Do join us next week as we continue our Sketch&French journey – and I believe we have some returning S&F students re joining us. Looking forward to that. How much have they remembered!


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