Bushfires and Memories

Australia is a country of contrasts. We have deserts and mountains, rivers and beaches. We also have extreme climate. Floods, fire and pestilence are part of our lives here.

The Blue Mountains are on fire. Right now. This minute.

They say this has always been so, and that it’s a pattern which comes and goes. But its hard when we are in the middle of this. We feel so for the people and animals, the birds and flowers which may or may not get to come back. We deal with it and we all pitch in to give every bit of help we can. But it doesn’t make it any easier to accept.

Right now we have possibly the worst bushfires the Blue Mountains have ever experienced. This is a place we sketchers adore.

We’ve had some marvellous times in Kurrajong and Bilpin in the Blue Mountains so I want to remember those times.

The remarkable My Tomah Botanical Gardens where we sketched and picnicked are under threat as we speak. The water there is in short supply so they can only give the trees and gardens enough to keep them going. There are plant species there which are nowhere else in the world.

And our favourite homestead in Bilpin is also under threat. We had some glorious days there. So green. A vista of flowering trees and fruits and apple orchards all could be lost. All of it surrounded by walls of fire.

But at this moment we in Sydney have some light rain. We are willing it to go to the Blue Mountains and wash out those fires. To keep the homes, the people, the forests, the fauna and flora safe. Everybody – our hearts go out to you.

Some of these photos are courtesy of : http://www.visitnsw.com/destinations/blue-mountains/katoomba-area/megalong-valley



  1. Erin ‘nice’ but tragic post I hope that everybody remain safe and minmum damage. I am sure everybody around the globe thinking about those people, homes, animals and land and I rather read your normal posts which I always enjoy, take care.


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