Our First Sketching at Sunset Series Completed

Wednesday 001


Hello’ it’s Christy here, and it’s Wednesday night “Sunset Sketching Class”. Our diligent 4 arrived and wondered what we were going to be sketching tonight, and then saw the white board with a beautiful demonstration from Erin, on how to approach sketching people. So you guessed it, tonight’s sketch was going to be each other and later, people at the café.

On board this evening, we also had the wonderful company of Vivianne, one of our tutors who’s getting up to speed for future evening classes. So with both of us, the 4 were in capable hands forging into new territory sketching each other.



Once we heard that tonight’s restaurant was Manly Wine, there was no dilly dallying and everyone plunged into the first sketch on how to approach sketching a person.  First you start with the head, and remember to break it down proportionately. Your eyes are halfway from the top of your head and your chin! Who would have thought? Along with the nose and mouth half way from eyes and chin, nose and chin respectively. Everything in life appears to be mathematical, and in this case, once you break it down its clearly evident.



Everyone produced a beautiful first sketch, which wasn’t surprising. When you follow the tips and approach we discussed before starting the sketch, it’s very likely you’ll sketch a well proportioned person, ‘that looks like a person’, and guarantees a satisfactory sketch. Well-done ladies!

Once we’d packed up our goodies, turned lights out in the Studio, we all headed down the hill to Manly Wine. One of us scooting along with the rest of us walkers! (See if you can spot the scooter in the pics) I love our delightful bunch. We do surprise sometimes!

We arrived at Manly Wine in good time for our reservation and got settled, and much to everyone’s delight, Erin joined us! Being that this was the first batch of the evening classes, Erin was on board on the first evening to help set up the way we’d run the class, and again this finale of the 3 classes, to join us for a drink. We had such a lovely evening, with quite literally beautiful food, good conversation, delightful sketches, and happy laughter. Thanks to all, and we look forward to seeing you in your next series of evening classes.



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