Each Other & Walk&Sketch time

Thursday 002


My goodness what a gorgeous day.

Only a hint of bushfire smoke first thing, and they say the worst may be over.

So off I go to the Studio to be there good and early as I like to be.

Then I can set up the still life for the day.  I have little roses Ive found on the way here, in a jar on each table –  because I like them.

But today is different.

We have two tutors for our Thursday class this term.

I feel that with quite a few new sketchers it’s important that everyone gets the help they need.

So it’s Christy and I from now on. So look out!


But we are not sketching those sweet roses on the table.

The whiteboard reveals all.

A black marker sketch of a full face and 3/4 face.

You will be sketching each other.

Best once everyone is seated to sketch someone who’s looking at someone else.

Unless you want to eyeball each other!

I was surprised how willing everyone was to listen to the description of how a face is proportioned and get started.

My very simple guide is just that. It’s an idea of where the features line up.

This definitely seems to help and people pick their target and away they go.

Thursday 1

Today we will cut the time down and try to be away and begin our Sketch & Walk to Shelley Beach.

Also known as Cabbage Tree Bay.

The faces were a delight. Definitely full of character and a rehearsal for cafe sketching which we will do later on.

So off we go down the big hill and head towards the very picturesque walkway leading us towards our destination.

The plan is to do 2 stops on the way and sketch something around you.


The first stop overlooks Manly Beach and the surf.

Being such a gorgeous day, the colour is bright and clear.

When you look above you through the green leaves the sky is pure cobalt.

The beach is a soft yellow ochre, the sea is shades of cerulean with a hint of ultramarine and a touch of purple.

We see a few big fat Water dragons sitting in the sun as lizards do. These guys are so used to being looked at you can almost hear them saying ” Well you look pretty funny too”

Specially when the very large lady in the pink and purple swimsuit shrieks as she almost sits on one!

‘OMG what was that!’ it must have thought.


On we go to another stop by the Fairy Bower Pool with it’s very well known sculpture on the rock wall edge.

Here we choose to sketch across the pool and some dio the cabbage tree surrounds. No water dragon sketches but you’ll see a gorgeous one in Christy’s pics.

We arrive at the Sandbar, Shelley Beach’s Cafe and take tables with shade. Lunches are ordered, Coffees are brought out. Sketching and chatting continues.

We all lose track of time until Christy begins collecting sketchbooks for the photos. Oooh but I haven’t finished! Yes but we’ll just take those that are.

In fact everybody did at least 3 sketches today but may throw a little colour on later.

Thursday6 Thursday007



Friday 1


Another great day out there. Blue Skies. Not too hot. Excellent.

It was ‘each other’ for our first sketches today.

A little discussion on face proportions and that seems to make all the difference. At least if you do not put the eyes at the top of the head, it will help.

Everybody manages some very successful sketches. Perhaps we didn’t always know who they are, but that’s not the point. No portraiture here thank you.

Just get the character of your model.

We wanted to be away a little sooner than usual, so that we can start our Walk & Sketch to Shelley Beach.

It’s hard not to keep commenting on what a fab place we live in and how lucky we are that we can be together sketching what we see.

We do get some intrigued looks from passersby. ‘Ooh look they are sketching.’ Actually I feel really pleased if I hear people say that, because it means they ‘get’ what we do.

We did have several Water dragons posing on sunny rocks too.

We found a family group of them, with mini sized ones chasing each other round the rocks. Just like all kids do. They’re having fun too.

We sketch the beach and surfers from park benches, before moving to Fairy Bower pool and sketching whatever we like.

This is a good chance to do water. The colours. How to do waves. How to get the sparkle and so on.

We are a city of beaches so we might as well know how to ‘do water’.

You live surrounded by it.

Then to Sand Bar Cafe. Such a gorgeous spot. Nothing more than a cafe and takeaway but just right for us. We take tables wherever there is one, so we pretty much take over the joint. We are a bit like that!

But wow do we have a good time.

Pics are taken and everyone says what a great day its been.

And it has.

Friday 21




Mmmm a little cooler. But then It’s always hot when sketching out & about. Get thee to the Studio and stop fussing.

Today we have Alissa, International and published urban sketcher, who visits every now and then. She’s talking today about what motivates her to sketch the things she does. When does she get the time. How much to sketch in the moment. How much to fill in later.

For our people, and many newish to sketching, she answers many of these questions including being brave enough to sketch in public etc.

Seeing the sketches in her books is also interesting for people. Some finished, some not, but always words and notes about what was happening at the time.

Little things you’ll never again remember if not written down at the time.

This is very motivating for people. Seeing someone else’s journey in sketches.

Vivianne, one of our Sketch tutors is with us today, and happily lends a hand to those wondering about colours and how to get certain looks and so on.

We are on our Walk&Sketch to Shelley Beach.

We are heading towards the far end where little metal sculptures are part of the rocks bordering the walkway.

This is very much ‘Alissa style’. Small Australian creatures and very appealing to sketch.

Mind you she first chose to sketch a big rusty ring bolted to a rock, as you do.

On our wish list too, is the Water dragon. We are in luck. Whole families of them parade, sun themselves, chase each other, and eyeball us.

We get our wish and you can see the sketches below.

Saturday 1

One new sketcher had her first lessons on the run, and did extremely well. Not only a leaf sketch, but an excellent Water dragon as well, with great colour. Just proves a point. You can learn sketching anywhere and keep up with the group.

Time to take a table or 3 at Sandbar. Here is the moment Therese could try her new watercolour wax crayons. They are more intense in colour but it’s fun to give something else a go.

More sketching, chatting and seeing what Alissa does.

A great way to spend a Saturday at the beach. Seeing everybody swimming and playing on the sand and in the water, while we record those moments in our sketchbooks.

This is the highlight of the week for our sketchers.

We are on a high for days. More next week.

Saturday 21



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