Shangri-La Sketch your Cake



It’s amazing with today’s weather that we all turn up in one piece!

Gale force winds and thunder at the very moment each of us is attempting to get to our bi-monthly Sketch your Cake event.

But sketchers are very hardy folk.

Here we are at the glorious Hotel Shangri-La, smiling and full of anticipation for what is ahead.

Kevin our table attendant is there in a blink to take our tea and coffee orders.

My car is being parked by a lovely man.

To be honest I would usually come to the city on the ferry.

But you didn’t see the size of those waves today!

Or the ferry plunging bravely through them!

I had visions of ending up being thrown from the deck, and into the sea!

I would be splashing about begging to be saved.

‘I cannot drown, I have responsibilities, I have to be at the Shangri-lah for my Cake Sketching people’

As I enter the Hotel foyer, I can see Atsuko already at our long table and big comfy chairs set up are ready and waiting.

She is partly through her first sketch already, even though there are no cakes yet.

It’s a huge expanse of space here under the high vaulted ceiling , but very warm and inviting.

Others arrive and we all chat before taking a seat and waiting for our drinks which come in no time at all.

In even less time several 3 tiered cake stands are brought for us to admire and are placed among the teapots, coffee cups, water glasses, white linen napkins and silver cutlery.

One of our sketchers is a gluten free girl and is so delighted to have a display of her own equally as impressive as the others.

We gaze in wonderment at the magnificent little cakes, macarons, little sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and handmade jam. Little things so incredibly put together with tiny berries and fruit, flat pieces of white and dark chocolate and gold leaf.

Anna The Executive Pastry Chef appears at our side.

She knows us from another well known restaurant where she was the Pastry Chef

Today she is excited to see her creative displays being the subject of our sketching. She tells us what each little confection is made of and what it’s called.

If only I could remember all that!

It’s all about the cakes and scones and sandwiches – to be sketched before being tasted.

Anna is amazed that we can resist the temptation to begin eating by sketching first.

Sketching is extremely important to us. This is our way of getting quick impressions of everything we see, as quickly as possible and adding a dash of colour – signing and dating – and moving on.

It’s our story. Our memory all there in our sketchbooks forever. It takes us away from our everyday world.

We only need to look at these later and the whole experience comes back to us.

Two of our guests are new to sketching and with a little instruction are doing simply lovely works. Sketching opens the floodgates. You discover something you didn’t believe you could do. No pencils or erasers. Simply observe your shapes and how they compare to the next and start your sketch – in black pen.

Everyone comes up with delightful impressions all totally different. The joy of sketching has been discovered. And you get to eat the sketch subject. Yum yum.

We only have to wait till January before we do this again.





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