Jacarandas et Quelle est ma taille?

S&F 1

Monday October 28 ’13

Luckily the magnificent Jacarandas stayed in bloom throughout the huge downpour this morning.

I had visions of tramping through the soggy ground and picking a forlorn branch, to pop into a vase and for sketching.

But no, being Sydney, we get on with things.  Rain, yes had that this morning. Time for some sunshine this afternoon.

So the Sketch&French girls do get the opportunity to do their Jacaranda sketches actually on dry ground, and the tree is still extremely beautiful.

Just hope it lasts till Saturday so all the other classes get a go!

All sketches are a delight, and we work out that using watercolour pencils, the purple and cerulean are just right to get the colour of the trees.

We then use caramel, red and cobalt for the tree trunk. That gives it the goldy lilac brown that the trunk really is.

Everyone is very happy.

Back across the road to the Studio and The French Conversation part of the class.

The subjects are about shopping, prices, sizes and all the questions you might wish to ask to do with shopping anywhere.

It’s nice when there are snippets of conversation about personal shopping experiences. We have a lot of laughs about the situations we get ourselves into.

What is so important is hearing yourself say the phrases.

Adeline is full of praise when you sound right.

She’s keen to have you understood and not lose your confidence when a French person gives you a blank look.

Oh yes we’ve all had that.

But confidence is building with Adeline speaking at the speed you will hear French being spoken.

If at least you get a word or two across, you’ll be understood.

You do feel pretty good then.

Not exactly fluent. But you can hold your own.


One comment

  1. Janice P

    Hi Erin I am loving your updates and getting inspired to do more sketching. Learning from the notes you make on colours etc. Thankyou



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