Je Voudrais une Table prés de la Fenétre


Our Sketch & French class today started with sketching tiny model houses.

This week we are sketching houses and buildings.

Just a single front] was all we needed.

When travelling you do see some quaint little flower shops or boulangeries or a stone corner store which you’d love to sketch. So I’ve used the ‘stand in front’ idea to avoid too much perspective or angles which may confuse one. By standing directly in front of it you’ll get all its main features without other concerns.

Then we dashed round the corner where there is a great selection of classical terrace houses to do a similar front-on sketch.

I was delighted that we managed 2 sketches each and now could certainly feel confident enough to observe all the important details of the building whether French country or castle.

Adeline arrived just as we were completing our houses and her class would be ‘At the restaurant’

So many lovely phrases to repeat and remember for so many aspects of dining out.

One of the first requests – Les carte des vins, svp.

We learned how to reserve a table, to ask for recommendations for food, to sit here or there, by the window, on the terrace and so on.

We know how to complain, to see mistakes in the bill, compliment on the wine, ask for the bill.

Not much we cannot achieve armed with this.

So next week is the last of our 5 classes and we’ll be doing something very exciting.

It’s a secret and you’ll find out next week what it is!

Watch this space.



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