Sunset Sketching. China, Mannequins and The Artichoke

DSC04033 copy

After a 3 week break we had an excited group of sketchers along to tonight’s Sunset sketching class.

With two tables set up in the studio, students could choose mannequins or a quaint still life of china.

It’s a good time to remind ourselves that we can just have fun with this, it’s only a sketch, an experience, capturing an impression, a moment in time…just enjoy the process…and then turn the page…

Mannequins were measured out and coloured and painted, remembering to leave plenty of white around the edges.

As to the china? What colours do you use to represent white on a white page?

Well there are many combinations you can use, blue with an overlay of orange works well, but there is nothing to say you cant break all the rules and use any colours you like! They’re all there.

I (Vivianne) was so excited that I simply forgot to photograph the sketchers in action in the studio…Just as well I made up for it later by flashing everyone when we got to the restaurant…(paparazzi style of course!)

We traipsed down the hill, Katherine still holding her sketch book waiting for her flowers to dry.

Lots of lovely chatter of friends who haven’t seen each other for a while, along with a couple of newbies getting to know some fellow sketchers.

We arrived at Artichoke Cafe, with some of the girls wondering if the mannequin drawings were just a warm up for the real life model upstairs but no, I would never do that (not without some warning anyway!)

We stayed away from nudity in the lovely outside courtyard filled with artistically painted tables, table lamps, plants and funky signs.

No sooner were we seated, the ladies were into their sketching – guns a blazing.

I’m not sure if it was the relaxed arty vibe of the Artichoke, or the groovy harmonica music in the background, but everyone did quick and fun loose sketches, capturing differing aspects of the bohemian surroundings.

It’s an arty cafe and we are very much in the groove.

As it got a little darker, Katherine did well to have brought her own torch, at one stage propped up in some water glasses and later cleverly attached to her scarf.

We thought perhaps a miners light would be a suitable addition to the sunset sketching kit. Having said that though, everyone managed well and I felt the sketches really had a sense of fun and whimsy about them…no tight sketches here…

We contemplated having the absinthe, but as it was, it was already pretty tricky deciding between drinking wine, eating food or doing our sketches…and a lot of concentration was required not to accidentally dip our brushes into the wine !

The food was beautiful, plates were shared; stuffed mushrooms, haloumi and meatballs with a lovely rich sauce…with some extra bread ordered for dipping!

Everything was happily eaten, except for one lone piece of bread which was smuggled home for Jozy’s lucky chooks.

We showed each other our sketches and, even at this early stage, we were starting to see which sketch was created by which sketcher.

It’s so interesting that we all have our own inherent style…whether it’s with bold use of colour, or a softer approach, bold graphic line work, or gentle overlapping lines.

Each has its own beauty.

We may all learn the same tried and trusted basic techniques but it’s also important to take pride in and develop our OWN style, embracing who and how we are as sketchers (and individuals!)

By the end of the evening I think it’s safe to say that everyone was totally back into the swing of things.

DSC04069 copy©Vivianne Hazenveld forErinHill 2013

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