Sketching Christmas Party

Monday November 25th 2013.

It’s not actually the end of the year.

In fact it’s only just past the 11th moon.

But we in the Sketching Studio like to be ahead of the pack.

So our Christmas end of the year celebration would be earlier than most.

At least everybody would remember it.

We don’t like to be one of several parties in town on the same night.

Far out brussell sprout! Not for us.


Not at all too early to get the Christmas decos out.

I’ve been trying not to look but I think the decorations are dusted off about October in the big shopping centres.

We fold up all the tables and chairs, clear the bench tops and made ready to entertain.

Milton asked me this morning, what was was happening today.

‘It’s the Sketching Christmas Party’ I gayly reply.

As you do at 6am!

Well Id better come with you and get what you need.

Sounds like a plan. Thank you. So you’re being the butler tonight?

And we skip happily off to the shops!

We do of course start with a delicious coffee at Roseberry St Cafe,

and the best muffins this side of the black stump.They sell out by mid morning.

Over the road is a place called Manly Freezers.

What do you think they sell?

Nope not freezers.

Maybe they used to but I think they just forgot to change their name.

We know it supplies caterers and sells to the public, but we’d never been in.

Milton and I are the public today

Wow wait till you see what marvellous party food they have for you to make decisions over!

We fell upon the tiny savoury filos, mini gourmet chicken and leek pies, Teenyi spring rolls, and a fabulous large wheel of Brie.

Oh and then we saw the little chocolate devil cakes.

OMG they have so much you want to put out for your guests.

So with a few tasty little crackers, some gherkins, dips and french bread, we’re pretty happy.

Chose some Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and a few Claire Creek Moscato Rosa.

Some very nice Corona Extra from Mexico, was added for the beer people.

And for those who like none of the above, something refreshing, my very favourite LLB.

We have even more choice as people arriving added something they liked to the tub full of ice.

The food selection is spectacular as guests arrived bearing plates of glorious food. Thank you all.

Sketching Christmas at the Studio

All four tutors are on tonight, and getting to know any sketchers they haven’t already met.

Christy brought her very handsome Military man and gorgeous 4yr old daughter Cali.

She just adored being up so late and having so many adults to chat with.

Vivianne arrives straight from the Art store she manages looking pretty stunning and immediately joins in chatting with everyone.

Judy is a great little mixer and very good at handing round plates of tasty offerings and making sure everybody has something.

Tom, Milton and Jono make sure drinks are looked after (apart from their own) and keep the conversations bubbling along.

Not that there was an issue there.

It’s more a matter of getting a word in!

“Wow it’s Curly Shirley” bubbles Cathy as I greet her with Dave at the door.

“Is that really you Karen”, haven’t seen you since Fiji.

“Katherine, lovely to see you at Sunset classes”.

“Yoga girls and Jo, I can hear your laughter across the room.”

The newer sketchers are enjoying mixing it with the others,

Jenny is giggling to herself.

“Can’t hear a thing” she mouths.

Such a great group of people all having a thoroughly good time and bonded by their love of sketching and being together.

There was a vague idea of going out to eat afterwards, but somehow we had filled ourselves to the gunnels and had no room left. A nice idea but nope, couldn’t eat another thing.

Might as well leave the dishes cos the tub is still full of ice!

Time to go home, put the slippers on, feet up and have a cuppa tea.

So it was that we celebrated another wonderful year with our sketchers.

Still 3 classes to go but before you know it, the 12th moon will have passed, and another year whizzes by.

Santa & Snowman


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