Almost Christmas Lunch – Kiwi style

It’s the annual Kiwi Christmas lunch. In Sydney.

Off in the early morning, to get the best and most summery of fruits. It’s my annual contribution and the others will be doing the same, putting together what they always bring.

We were advertising people in our former lives, but we have been friends since ever since. We catch up during the year but this is the big one.

Just 4 couples and sometimes a niece or daughter joins us. But the original 8 cannot miss, in fact Carolyn made it early to allow for early travellers.

That was when advertising was the best profession you could be in. Now they make TV series such as Madmen about us. They don’t know the half of it.

Mark, in Media, the famous voice-over for heaps of well known ads. Chris, Media Man and with his own agency, Phil, M.D. in major agencies throughout Australasia. Milton, head of a global Media Analysis Company, Carolyn, Creative head at a major agency, Erin, Art Director at another top agency. Vicki, (an Aussie – oops) a creative who ran into Phil in Singapore, and stayed. Rose, all her life in the travel industry. Amanda, Chris’s niece is following in our advertising footsteps.

Who and what we are now was born from the experience, discipline and business skills we learned by being the best there was.

Aaah, but lunch, Marks cooks the famous turkey on the Webber. He does a fab stuffing from the Webber recipe book. Don’t ask again Phil, you know he told you that last year. Carolyn does the best buttered, parleyed potatoes, and green salad.

But while all this is happening, we get stuck into the prawns, marron and oysters, with special little sauces to go with them. Phil and Vicki do the best starters.

A true Aussie Kiwi party. The girls are on the end of a tea towel. The boys are tasting the wines. In separate groups.

Then when all looks clear after many hours of turkey and trimmings, Rose and I are on stage. Her gorgeous trifle with lashings of cream – you got enough there Vicki? The fruit salad is my own Downunder invention and would be a winner on Masterchef if they knew about it ! – is blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. apricots, fresh figs, starfruit and dark chocolate macadamias.

The afternoon is long and relaxed. The wines are thought about long before this day. Chris is a graduate of Roseworthy College. He knows his stuff. All the boys do.

Carolyn has silly cutouts for us to be photographed in. We like dressing up. Oh you so suit being a reindeer! I think I like being an elf myself. We pull crackers and groan at the jokes. Laughter can be heard across the neighbours yards. Ours not theirs.

Conversation covers any subject you can think of. We have all these fabulous yarns waiting to be retold, and a little wine recalls all sorts of adventures. Of course at our age we are experts on everything anyway. No doubt about it. We are awesome.

So until next year, Merry Christmas and much awesomeness to all.

©ErinHillStudio 2013


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