Open Day in the Studio. Saturday Jan 18th.

Our big day was today. Cannot believe it’s a year since our last highly successful one.

Saturday January 18th between 11am – 3pm and we had a steady stream of interested people pop in for some nibbles and refreshments – and to find out all about what we do. There is Travel Sketching. But there is more….

Everybody had either seen us on Weekend Notes, Australian Artist Magazine, our website, or simply picked up a leaflet walking by and some came with friends already in classes.

They had a chance to meet some of the tutors and see where it all takes place. To talk about what they’d like to achieve and see the sketches of students.

For some it’s a chance to explore their creative side and get some fun out of it. Others are doing painting classes and would like to loosen up much more.

Most of these lovely folk took the plunge and signed up for a class. And they go away excited and looking forward to getting started in 2 weeks.

We have a choice of Travel Sketching Classes, Evening Classes, Sketch & French, and now….. da daaaaa….

Self Publishing your own book, ‘My Sketching Journey’ for those who have several sketch books full of sketches and would like to publish their own Blurb book. An 8 week workshop with 2 tutors to guide you through from wo to go.

Being Creative in Very Small Spaces. This is a 10 week course for those who live in a broom cupboard or smaller. We’ve come up with some very big ideas for you and lots of different small artworks will be done using very little but a few important essential materials.

Sketching Techniques. A 10week course for people who have done our Out&About Travel Sketch courses and would like to explore additional mediums and ideas, while still keeping everything in a bag as you move about.

If you missed out on today, do get in touch and we’ll see if there’s a class for you.


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