Sketching About in Cafes

I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

I must have more coffee cup sketches than anything else. I have a special trick too, for still drinking it hot. Sketch with me and you’ll find out how!

And every one of them has its own personality.

Berrima Sourdough Cafe & Bakery

Berrima Sourdough Cafe & Bakery

Water bottle at Belgrave Cartel

Water bottle at Belgrave Cartel

Foundry 53 Cafe

Foundry 53 Cafe

The top one is using watercolour pencils sideways and in a chunky way. Didn’t use the water brush here.

The second one was done as part of a private lesson. Fast, run the watercolour pencil sideways – straight up and down – not the pointy bit – and use 2 colours, with a third to give it balance.

The last was done with a group of sketchers catching up this week. Karen had some wax water soluble crayons. Great fun, very powerful colour and with the water brush, you can blend edges. We’re looking at these for our ‘Sketch Techniques‘ & ‘Small Spaces‘ classes – among several other mediums.

Lots of other coffee cup sketches yet. Maybe I’ll do a book of them in our Self Publishing – Your Sketching Journey’  Now there’s a thought.

©ErinHill 2014


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