International Sketchcrawl. Sat Jan 25 ’14






We are ahead of the world on the clock, so while most people are still in bed sleeping, we in Sydney are out there sketching our little hearts out. It’s International Sketchcrawl Day. We sketch wherever we are and they are posted by sketchers around the Globe.

It was just Alissa, Chris, Lisa and I sketching underneath the massive iron structure which is the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We met there in the morning and started our first sketch of the day. Actually I had warmed up with a people sketch on the ferry. Perfect. You get 30 minutes .

The others did one or two and tummies began to rumble.

Time to sort that out, so we pushed our way through the crowds, past weddings, tourists, workman putting up marquees for Australia Day tomorrow,and all the thousand s of people boarding the cruise ship.

We just want lunch. AAaah heres a good cafe with plenty of outdoor seating, not in the sun, with good coffee and food.

Dare cafe was our choice.

More sketching. Food. Passersby. People beyond. Doesn’t really matter. We just love sitting here sketching and chatting away. The staff were very interested to see what we were doing. They worried that our coffees had gone cold and offered fresh ones.. We are used to that actually. Thanks for the offer anyway.

Home again on the ferry. A quick wharf sketch, looking through the perspex shields towards the bridge.

I think the others were off to do some market sketches. Plenty of subject matter there. What an excellent day.


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