Our Delicious Chinese NY High Tea.

Very edible High Tea Sketches

Very edible High Tea Sketches

Who would have thought. A very English tradition, with a very Chinese influence.

That is multi-culturism for you.

We have just celebrated Australia Day, so we’ve had a 3 day weekend to enjoy, to share with friends and be grateful that we are lucky enough to live here. We celebrate our multi-cultural society, and the contribution we all make to enrich the lives of all Australians.

So how very timely that Anna the Executive Pastry Chef at Shangri-la Hotel Sydney, should invite the sketchers to enjoy this very different High Tea.

We were honoured that Anna had time to greet us and her two assistants Alec and Jessica also joined the group to try some sketching. After they’d explained what each morsel was about of course.

One of the sketchers was with us for a little practice before she starts our Term classes next week. Some of the others are dedicated Cake Sketchers, so have it well worked out when they should eat and sketch.

Every sketch was an absolute delight. For the 2 chefs who were first time sketchers, their surprised smiles said it all. Each sketcher had at least 3 or 4 pages done while enjoying the vision in front of them, and the dedicated service from the staff, who couldn’t resist checking on progress as we sketched into the afternoon.

Kevin the very thoughtful Maitre’d handed out Lucky Red envelopes. Inside was a gold wrapped chocolate coin. Surprise, surprise, just couldn’t eat it straight away. Therese did a little sketch of it.

Lucky Red enevelope

Lucky Red enevelope

What a beautiful afternoon it was. How exquisite the creations in front us. Each one a work of art in itself. For us it’s a matter of quickly sketching our impression. A few lines, a dash of colour, then yum, all gone. But there on the page is your sketch. Something to remember always.

Our next Sketch Your Cake will be on Tuesday March 25. Details soon.



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