Bonjour. Sketch&French is Back.

Adeline is back from France, but with a new baby due, and my travels, our only classes will be in August ’14.

Series of 5 classes – do put yourself on our enquiries list and we’ll let you know exact dates.

Please see our detailed information here.

Our classes happen in the studio in Manly on Monday mornings 9.30am – 11.30am.

Erin is our Sketch tutor and begins the class with the basic skills of Travel Sketching. You’ll also get a little outside location sketching. You may never have sketched before but with a little instruction you’ll be surprised at what you can do, including adding colour and how enjoyable it is.

Adeline takes the second part of the class, and around now we serve a beautiful cup of French tea, or an espresso.

Now we settle into the subject and phrases Adeline has chosen for the day. You don’t need much more than the most basic understanding of the French language, because you’ll begin to learn some very useful phrases. All of these will give you a good start to communicating with the locals when you travel in France.

At the end of the course we sometimes decide to try out our French conversation at a French restaurant. It is such a delightful way to learn and enjoy the journey at our Sketch&  French classes.

Get in touch now and let yourself try something new.


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