Discovering Manly Cafes

My perfect life would be to live in new and favourite cafes, moving from one to the next.

Actually that almost happened this morning.

Adeline and I met up to plan our next Sketch&French classes. That was Belgrave Cartel which I love.

Next Alissa was arriving on the ferry and we would be looking for a new one I’d been told about. Great timing. I dash to the wharf and there’s Alissa coming through the forecourt.

We walk all the way along Whistler Street, where I know this one is. Mmmmm. We chat to a local who suggests it’s back the way we came. Couldn’t see how that could be, but sure enough, we’d walked past on the other side.

Showbox Cafe. Very industrial and minimal but we like the feel and go inside, chat to the owners and take a table. Alissa and I like to sketch our food, so we consider the menu and ask the very helpful waiter about how they look.

You’ll see what I chose, and it was delicious. Sweet but subtle, and both our selections were very different from what’s on offer anywhere else.

Alissa chose a Salmon and something – I know she’ll post it and you see how beautifully she’s sketched it.

I sketched her capuccino, as I’d had coffee earlier. Very nice ambiance here. Think class will like it.

Oh, and Alissa will be coming to Friday class to do a little Travel Sketch chat.

IMG_4698 IMG_4701

After we’d parted for the day, I dashed back to look at a location I want to take classes to later this week. As I came round the corner, there before me was an amazing looking brand new cafe. Dolce Terra. Wow.

So exciting to see these new and vibrant cafes bringing even more energy to the Manly cafe scene. You are all on my cafe list for classes for sure.


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