SketchYourCake Japanese High Tea


Azuma Japanese High Tea. Tuesday May 27th.

We’d planned this months ago but only this week did we manage a suitable afternoon to go.

The easiest way to get there was by ferry and a short walk up Philip St bringing you to the corner of Chifley Plaza.

In through the very grand entrance, past enormous contemporary paintings we went.

Up the escalator and round to the far end and we arrive at the very elegant Azuma Japanese Restaurant.

One doesn’t  usually associate High Tea with Japanese cuisine.

But Atsuko one of our dedicated sketchers had heard that they do an excellent one.

We’d checked it out and our High Tea affectionadoes were keen to attend.

Apart from the main restaurant there are 3 private rooms, one of which was spot on for the 6 of us.

The decor is dark wood, charcoal, side lighting, beautiful paintings and stylish pottery and fabric features.

The traditional fabric over the doorway was a very inviting touch as you entered the room.


Some of the sketchers were already onto their first sketches of the hand made bowls and dishes already on the table, when we arrived 4 minutes past the appointed hour.

We could all see that this was going to be a beautiful occasion.

The ladies came in to take our tea or coffee orders.

Coffee, you mean espresso?

I’m so excited as I was sure it would be tea only.

These people are very smart.

They know that Aussies are coffee addicts!

Once we are all settled the oblong display stands are brought in.

Two to three servings per platter.

Our eyes devour the colours and texture of glorious Japanese creative sushi rolls and logs on the top platter.

The lower platter is the sweet department with fruit in champagne jelly, tiny creme brûlée , chocolate squares, green tea sponge roll and more.

We sigh at the vision of it all as more plates of scones, chiffon cake, fresh cream and raspberry jam is brought in.


Sketchbooks are at the ready and pens start flying.

We know we cannot eat till it’s sketched.

Most get several sketches down and oohs and aahs begin as tastes are discovered.

So a delightful 2 hours passed by with time to photograph the sketching masterpieces.

As we left the sun was going down and the city lights coming up.

The bonus was that it was the annual Vivid Light festival.

At 6pm sharp the laser light show would begin.

So rather than hop on the next ferry we decided to have a drink harbourside and wait to see the show.

We all had cameras out as the lights moved over the Opera House and city buildings.

A perfect balmy night and the city alive with excited families, and us.

It’s nice to be back in Sydney again.


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