Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Sketching & Giving.



This week we were sketching to raise funds for Cancer Council’s ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’

I’d received the promotional material in the mail before leaving for overseas, and had put it  into our term schedule, so that I could be part of it on my return.

Everyone would place a donation in the box provided and we’d be doing something for research as well as enjoying some sketching together.



We’d thought it would be nice to have sketchers bring something and then with tea or coffee, sketch the yummy selection of cakes and goodies on offer.

Because we were staying in the Studio for the whole time, we had both Thursday classes in together.

Judy and I were the hostesses with the mostest.

Not only did we show off our domestic prowess, we tutored in between pouring teas and coffees.

We also invited people to bring a friend if they liked.

Our sketchers managed at least 6 sketches which we’d noted on the board.

Of course some of our more experienced people managed more as expected if not out and about.


It’s also important to keep food sketching light, bright and edible.

Not as easy as you think.

Murky grey is out.

Layers of caramel, reds and blues will make you want to eat it off the page.

You can see all the contributions laid out in the pics above.

Everything from Gluten free Orange and Almond cake, Pink cupcakes, a cheese and fruit platter, Chocolate brownies, Chocolate Mud Cake, Scones with jam and cream ……. wow.   But that wasn’t all……..

The door opened and the aroma of fresh baked bread filled the room as one sketcher arrived with an enormous Jamie Oliver Round Bread stuffed with egg, olives and mushrooms, which he’d made himself.

No way are we going to get through that I thought.

If you take a look at the pics, you’ll see the progress of it’s disappearance!

So thank you everyone from today for your delicious sketches and offerings.

You’ve done yourselves proud.


FRIDAY MAY 30 2014

IMG_6961 IMG_6962

FRIDAY MAY 30 2014

Our sketching of cakes for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea continued today with our lovely Friday class arriving quite early and keen to get started.

Jane was able to attend today again, with Gail transporting her and knowing we were staying in all class.

Oh and happy anniversary Gail.

Judy did the honours with drinks. ‘Hi I’m Judy and I’ll be looking after your table today, now can I take your order’

For me it was very nice to meet those I hadn’t met this term, plus a guest.

Again we would attempt at least 6 sketches, but we allowed for any number you could manage.

My demo today was a line sketch of the chocolate Mud Cake and the smaller chocolate balls surrounding it.

I chose to do this one in watercolour pencil as I love the versitility of them.

The waterbrush I’m very sparing with. Just in the darker places. Take care!

Everybody then tried out the layers either in watercolour paint or watercolour pencils.

As you’ll see they were all a delight.

It’s funny having all this glorious food laid before us, but nobody can eat and Sketch at the same time.

So Judy and I had to remind people it was fine to eat the subject.

An enormous thank you to everyone who brought mini cupcakes, fortune cookies, chocolate squares, lemon squares, muffins, strawberry cream tarts and more – to eat and sketch.

Thank you too for your generous donation for cancer.






We had wonderful new cakes and savouries made by our Saturday sketchers, for Australia’s Biggest Breakfast sketching fundraiser.

Not only can they sketch but Masterchef would pale if these chefs turned up!


We also had two lovely guests attending so we set them up alongside their sketching buddy, and they did very well watching and listening and having a go.

Everybody had a tea or coffee ordered while we worked through the list of sketches to be achieved. I’m getting good at this now. Now would you like tea or coffee, and watch those square corners!


We had a wonderful selection of savouries with chilli sauce, fruit platter, Melting Moments, tiny cupcakes, donuts, vanilla biscuits plus gorgeous old china and teapots and more.

Each day we’ve had a new variety of shapes and colours, all which need observation to get down the character of the subject.

We had equal sketchers using water-colour pencils and watercolour paint. So providing you leave plenty of white – you’ll have a delightful sketch in a short time using either medium. It depends on how you feel which you use.

And finally may I thank every class for your generosity. We raised almost $300 which was wonderful. Great work everybody and I hope you haven’t eaten too much at this week’s class!


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