Advanced Sketching. Water Soluble Wax Crayons


Great sketching weather this week. This meant our Advanced class could try out their techniques outside today.

For this week we are trying Caran D’ache water soluble wax crayons. 

We have a small tin of them so everyone can share the colours to start their sketch.  Each sketcher creates their own warmup still life, either with things from the Studio, or something from home. Some very appealing choices including a tiny Dog on the Tuckerbox , from the classic Aussie legend.

Tape the edges of your page to create a border.  In fact do at least 3 pages in preparation.

Take any colour crayon and indicate where your elements will be on the page.

We talked about what the possibilities are with this medium, which happens to be far more than you think a little crayon could do.

You can use it softly or heavily. Layer colour over colour. Build intense colour and add black brush pen over it if you feel like it. Or maybe not. You decide.

In fact it’s so darn flexible you can change your mind as you go and cover up bits with more layers.

For us it’s amazing to see the effect that white has by going heavily over the top and blending your colours to pastel.

By using the waterbrush you have a whole nother experience. This is where you can turn it to paint.  You can feather edges, get texture in your darks or lights.

So much fun is had discovering what happens.


We sketch at Gilbert Park using some of the pathways to lead us into the painting and through to somewhere beyond.

With just a few colours and not worrying what they are, you can achieve all your lights and darks beautifully.

It doesn’t have to bear any relationship to the colours you’re seeing.  Just get it coming forward and going back.

Over the road to Belgrave Cartel to get coffee and late lunch.

Some are happy playing with colour in the back room – as we call it. Others prefer the better lighting in the outdoor passageway.

Lots more playing and coloring and a couple of bold new sketches are started.

Such a good time is had by all. A few fears were overcome and once letting go occurs, you’ll discover endless possibilities with this medium.

Something different for next week. I wonder what it will be! Gorgeous work everybody.



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