Advanced Sketching. Coloured Fibre Pens & Watercolour.



This week we are trying waterproof coloured fibre pens. Because we quite liked the setups already in place, our sketchers were happy to get stuck in and use those as the basis for their coloured pen work.

You could do the whole sketch in one colour, or change to another crazy colour at any moment. Even half way through an object if you felt like it. Why not. And don’t forget to breathe!

Working on the larger sketchbook with a masked edge means you want a sketch that uses all the space.  Create a background. Use surprising colours. In other words do more than you might usually do. Give it some extra interest, so that it has a story going on.

Then it’s time to add watercolour. Let it work it’s magic as one colour goes over another.

We decided on ‘The Shop next Door’ as our location. There is enough happening here to keep you sketching all afternoon.

Two shops specialising in retro and specialty surfing boards and accessories, and the third one – the shop next door – the cafe. Plenty of quirky bits and pieces to sketch. Pot, plants, chai lattes, dog at the door, anything you fancy.

The coloured pens do dictate the style and feel of your work. You’ll see some quite delicate works, and others with plenty of bright colour. It’s as you feel. You never know what will come out on your page. And that’s the fun of the journey.


So another challenging day pushing yourself into new areas. However with such convivial company, in a cool dude location, with wonderful warm winter food at hand, life is good.

Great work again sketchers. You are breaking free and letting the sketch take you where it will. Go along for the ride. More next week.

©ErinHillStudio 2014

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